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Women of Akola — Jewelry Production

Hi, I'm
One Bead. One Hope. One Woman.


Spread Hope with Akola!

At Akola, we work with women who persevere amidst trial every single day and pursue victory by clinging to hope. They come to us with story after story about how making jewelry at Akola has helped redesign their story and their families stories - their strength gives us hope and their desire to care for themselves and their families inspires our work everyday.
To serve as a constant reminder, we created a bracelet that you can keep for yourself as a reminder to spread hope or give to friends to inspire hope. Each bracelet has a single varied color, hand-rolled paper bead that represents a single woman in Dallas and Uganda who is directly impacted through working at Akola. The beads are strung on simple pieces of leather and held in place with two small gold beads. The bracelets comes attached to a card that highlights the hope of either one of our Akola Dallas or Akola Uganda women. By purchasing one of these bracelets, you not only have the opportunity to help make their hope a reality, but to inspire others to hope as well!

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