Akola “She Works”

Akola Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to empower Ugandan women to transform the lives of their families and communities through economic development.

Women in villages throughout Uganda lack access to higher education and paid work, keeping them stuck in generational cycles of poverty. As a result, they cannot provide the basic needs for the children in their home.

Akola Academy creates a pathway for the daughters and community members of our beloved Akola artisans to join the formal economy.

Through its keystone program, the African Women’s Workforce Initiative (AWWI), Akola Academy delivers an intensive program connecting underserved women to the workforce. After 12 months of hospitality and IT training, young women who finish the program are guaranteed a job at a hotel in Uganda.

For $84 a month, you can transition a young woman directly into the workforce. Support her future so she can support her family, breaking generational cycles of poverty.