Akola's supply chain team has visited the factories that supply leather for Akola products. Traveling to the countries of origin and investing in face-to-face time with our raw material manufacturers allows us to ensure that ethical standards are upheld. 

We know our manufacturers and they know us. They support the high-impact work of Akola, and are inspired to continuously better their practices.
Partnering with local vendors in developing countries also multiplies Akola's impact by infusing capital in these vulnerable but growing economies. 

Stateside, Akola has partnered with GAIA For Women, a Dallas-based organization, to offer work for refugee women producing leather tassels for Akola's elevated pieces.

As a member of the Bush Center's Women's Initiative, Akola has begun working with African First Ladies and their offices to consult on how their countries can support ethical manufacturing industries and how they can adopt Akola's cutting edge holistic women's empowerment programs.